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16 Days Ago There Was NadaFest 2016 Night 3

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NadaFest 2016 Night 3
Oct. 23 @ Substation
Seattle, Washington
By Matt Ashworth

Visceral Candy

One thing we forgot to do when we were planning #NadaFest 2016 is check the schedule for popular local NFL football team the Seattle Seahawks, who were playing division rivals the Arizona Cardinals when the first three bands played on Sunday, Oct. 23. Visceral Candy took it in stride, opting to perform in front of a giant screen with the game playing behind them. I was hoping the ‘Hawks would score a touchdown so the band would get an especially warm response at perhaps an odd time during their performance, but no such luck. The game ended in a 6-6 tie.

Tim got a video. He also Tweeted a .gif to Pete Carrol and Carson Palmer of their mugs on screen behind the band but neither of them RTed it.


My man crush on TBASA is well documented, but I swear when he sang that new song on acoustic – before his patented transition to fucked-up hip-hop performance art – he sounded like an angel. Someone got a video of the post-acoustic guitar part of the set.

Brad Yaeger & The Night Terrors

After his set, Brad Yaegar could be seen limping around the venue or seated comfortably watching the other bands. His publicist wouldn’t confirm or deny that he threw his hip out from rocking so hard, but noted that Yaeger spent the next three days bedridden.

Also, Yaeger gets big points for introducing us to Jess from


I love Screens and their sophisticated, space-age bachelor pad sound. They looked amazing in the small room with the CTPAK visual crew’s visuals behind them too, and they even played my favorite song “Machine” even though we only gave everyone a 30 minute set.

Also, I bought a t-shirt even though they didn’t have any XXLs. So far the XL fits me and makes me look super thin and sexy.

Aaron Semer

In keeping with our spirit of full disclosure, I should note that I sang one of Aaron Semer’s songs at my own wedding reception while he and some other amazing people played it live. But I didn’t fall in love with his music because he was my friend; I became his friend because I fell in love with his music. First with his then band, The Plains, and now as a solo artist. Tim got a video of a new song called “Risingson, OH.”

Greet The Sea

Greet The Sea have a polished, slightly fuzzy and melodic indie rock sound that seems ready for the soundtrack to a WB show. I don’t mean that to be dismissive. It does not make them a band I would play around the house very often. It does, however, make them a welcome aberration and addition to #NadaFest night 3.

Hell Mary  

I’m too biased to form a balanced opinion about Hell Mary given I’ve gotten to know her and her band mates at varying degrees over the last two and 15 years, but holy god this is good. Her voice is pure magic.

Tim and Pauline got photos.

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