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Video Debut: “Pseudosupervillain” by Actionesse

Stephanie Dore – Here at NadaMucho, we’re all about the local music love, so it’s with pleasure we bring you the exclusive release of “Pseudosupervillain,” the new video from local garage-surf-punk band Actionesse.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: Day 3 Recap

Stephanie Dore – It’s genius I say – let’s start off day three with some serious hometown talent. I walked straight through the gates of the Capitol Hill Block Party to find avant-jazz darlings and 2014 Stranger Genius Award winners Industrial Revelation rollicking at the top of their game.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: Day 2 Recap

Stephanie Dore – Despite the forecast for rain, there was no slowing down on day two of Capitol Hill Block Party, where the lineup on the main stages leaned heavily toward the hip-hop and electronic genres. To start it off though, I went straight to the Neumos stage to catch the local vintage soul of Breaks & Swells.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: Day 1 Recap

Stephanie Dore – There was a moment on day one of the 19th annual Capitol Hill Block Party when I could’ve sworn I was surrounded by Macklemore doppelgangers, From the hipsterish thrift-store duds and slicked back locks to the penchant for pointed toe loafers, the crowd at a scan starts to blend together into a mashup of freaky resemblances.

Stubborn Son: Your Next Favorite Local Band?

Stephanie Dore – Always looking for my next favorite local band, I first came across the guys from Stubborn Son rocking the stage of Fisherman’s Village Music Festival just last month, I felt the buzz. Marco Collins was there chanting the band’s praises and Garrett Lamp (vocals/guitar), Andrew Knapp (bass/vocals), and Blair Daly (drums) are quickly racking up fans with their gritty, honest rock ‘n’ roll.

Fisherman’s Village 2015: How Many Bands Are You In?

Stephanie Dore – When you’re from the pacific northwest, the question isn’t whether you’re in a band, but how many, and it seemed the second annual installment of the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival aimed to prove it.

2:54 with Honeyblood & Golden Gardens @ Barboza

Stephanie Dore – Brooding and full of swagger, the British sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow brought their band, 2:54 (along with backing drums and bass) to the tiny, darkened Barboza stage on Sunday night.

Look Into Their Eyes: Mates of State Live

Stephanie Dore – There’s a certain level of compatibility that bandmates have with each other, and then there’s Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel of the ever-impressive Mates of State, who maintained an almost overly cute level of eye-contact, shared grins and teasing banter throughout their show.

Capitol Hill Block Party Photo Tribute

Hey kids! We’re pleased as punch to inform you that, throughout The Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP), is paying tribute to the iconic festival with a free photo exhibit and daily live performances at Everyday Music, just outside the festival’s gates.

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