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Bumbershoot 2.0: Sunday’s Agenda

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Matt Ashworth – We’re officially in the era of Bumbershoot 2.0, and one must approach things differently. Think of it as a yearly opportunity to sample the best of what the music industry wants you to spend your money on, check out that one band who’s song you liked on Tik Tok, and see what might sound good bumpin’ on a car stereo on Alki next summer.

Hold Steady to Thrash Thru the Crocodile

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Kevin Nelson – The Hold Steady’s new album Thrashing Thru The Passion drops this Friday.The Hold Steady plays a three-night set at Seattle’s The Crocodile this weekend.While both of the preceding statements are worthy of an article in and of themselves, that they’re centered around this Friday means they’re getting a dual-purpose post explaining why both are so important and exciting.

A Rocketship to Space with Charly Bliss

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Aarin Wright – I selected a velvet scrunchie and rainbow face glitter for the Charly Bliss show on June 22, 2019, and was pleased to be overwhelmingly not alone. The packed Friday house at The Crocodile was sporting all variations of “cool,” from ‘90s hair accessories to clear frame glasses, sparkling highlighters and bold purple lips.

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