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Doolittle: Does Even Less

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Tim Basaraba – Could Robert Downey Junior shake the Tony Stark typecast in his latest lead role, as Dr. John Doolittle? Over the past eleven years, we’ve dutifully gone to theaters to watch what some people call a D-List Marvel character (even though he’s more of a second tier “B-lister,” but whatever you no comic reading normal) and, much like Christopher Reeves as Superman, RDJ has become synonymous with the character.

Tiffany Haddish: Like a Boss

by on April 12th, 2020 | No Comments »

Tim Basaraba – Oh Tiffany Haddish! The hilarious Girls Trip was your breakout roll in 2017. You followed it up with the almost as funny Night School and Nobody’s Fool in 2018. In 2019, you crushed the animated films market with voice work in the second Lego Movie, Secret Life of Pets and Angry Birds. Then you took a “serious” turn in the critical and financial flop The Kitchen. What would you do in 2020?

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