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Bumbershoot 2015: Day 2 Photo Album

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The second day at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s annual festival of music and arts, settled in to it’s own a bit this afternoon as music programming hit its stride with a full slate of loud guitar rock bands that appeal to cool people who listened to rock music in the 1990s (Dead Moon, Melvins, Social Distortion, Faith No More) performing in Memorial Stadium while a packed Key Arena played host to the day’s leading electronic acts like Flosstradomus and Zedd.

The part that still seems “off” to seasoned Bumber-goers is the spaces between the venues. The new-look Bumbershoot clearly has fewer street performers and arts and crafts vendors which, when combined with a lot less volunteers, made the whole thing feel a little impersonal.

In search of new inspiration, Photo Editor Jim Toohey found it in the form of Puddles Pity Party, a musical performance art troupe fronted by an enormous sad clown flanked by comedians including Neil Hamburger, as well as the “Reign Supreme” break-dancing competition and performances from Seattle band Constant Lovers and Tacoma Glam Rockers The Fame Riot.

Here are some of Jim’s pictures from today.

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