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Car Crash Injures Seattle Band La Luz, Destroys their Gear

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By Tyson Lynn

Last night, of Montreal played at Neumos. Slated to open for them was La Luz. We were going to spend a few hundred words teasing apart the intriguing longevity and increasing complexity of the former, and compare it to the slow burn of the local dreamsurf upstarts, but we didn’t get to it in time. Sadly, unfortunate circumstances prevented the band from performing anyway.

Hardly Art, La Luz’s label, sent out a notice early yesterday morning reporting that the band was in a severe accident on their way back to town. In full, it says:

“Last night (November 5) on their way back to their native Seattle from a show at Boise’s Korah Shrine, rising surf band La Luz were in a severe accident that totaled their van, destroyed their gear, and incurred injuries to the band members. As a result, they’ve been forced to bow out of their remaining tour dates with of Montreal, starting with tonight’s performance at Neumos. For those who feel compelled to help the band get back on their feet, we’ve set up a Paypal account for; fans can simply click here to gift them whatever amount they desire. 100% of the donations will go the band as they seek to pay medical bills and purchase a new van, new equipment, and new merch.”

This is seriously horrible. But goddamn, we’re glad everyone’s OK.

If you can, consider helping La Luz out by donating on their Paypal page. And order their debut LP It’s Alive while you have your credit card out.

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