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Recap and Photo Gallery: Jungle @ The Showbox

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Eric Tra – Once in a while you stumble across music that has certain infectious qualities. The kind that completely take over your body until you are possessed by the beat. Before you know it, you’re on the dance floor performing moves you never knew you had. It’s music like this that turn even the most steadfast wallflowers into dancing kings and queens before the opening track even finishes.

Sunflower Bean Shines as Interpol Opener @ The Moore

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Eric Tra – Psych rockers Sunflower Bean performed for a sold out show at Seattle’s Moore Theatre earlier this month as the openers for Interpol’s “Marauder” tour. The New York three piece played a nine-song set that featured their recent four track EP King of the Dudes in its entirety as well as songs from their previous albums Twentytwo in Blue, Human Ceremony and a track (“Tame Impala”) off of their 2015 EP Show Me Your Seven Secrets.

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