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Photo Set: 2014 Macefield Music Festival

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The Macefield Music Festival celebrated its second year last weekend in Ballard, with shows at The Tractor, a newly remodeled Sunset Tavern, Conor Byrne, which serves as the musical club house for many neighborhood musicians and singer/songwriters throughout the year; Hattie’s Hat restaurant and bar; Sonic Boom Records; and a re-purposed neighborhood space called the Macefield Market that served as the epicenter for the two day event.

Photo Set: Decibel Festival 2014

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The 11th annual Decibel, an “international festival of electronic music performance, visual art and new media” was held September 24-28 at various venues across Seattle. Photographer Jim Toohey and Sunny Martini venue-hopped between the Crocodile, the Showbox, festival headquarters at the EMP Museum and various other local venues to capture the event in pictures.

Photo Set: Negativland @ Bumbershoot 2014

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Jim Toohey – Before the show started, I heard someone say: “and don’t forget to make music.” It may have been one of the members of Negativland, the Bay Area sound collective that emerged in the late 70s and has managed to piss off U2 and Kasey Casem in the 1980s; collaborated with Chumbawumba to cut up the theme from the PBS kids show The Teletubbies in 1999; and recorded a song called “Christianity Is Stupid.” It may have been one of the band members.

Photo Set: Tag 2.0

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Last Thursday, influential Seattle DJ and music industry veteran Marco Collins hosted a night of music with a new format at Chop Suey called Tag 2.0, in which five local acts performed one continuous set without any downtime, each one blending their closing together with the next act’s opening, sometimes sharing the stage for extended periods of time.

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