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2016: 12 Movies We Enjoyed Watching

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Adam Lawrence – In 2016, movies held a pretty special place for most folks – this year was a doozy and movies were there to provide a soothing balm of escapism. Sure, the summer blockbusters mostly sucked ass and it seemed like every other movie released was some kind of experiment designed to calculate just how far our standards have fallen for good story, strong characters, and whatever passes for authentic emotion. Mighty Marvel moves on, 40-year-old franchises still reign, and sometimes it feels like there hasn’t been a movie made specifically for an adult audience in years.

Best of 2014: 14 Movies We Enjoyed

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Matt Ashworth – Though we haven’t consistently written about movies for a decade, I still ask contributors to share their favorites each year. It’s like having a super smart, diverse group of people as a personal focus group when you’re loading up your Netflix and Amazon Prime queues for the next few years.

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