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#ICYMI: Broken Social Scene’s Harmonious, Familial Vibe

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Eric Tra – Canadian musical conglomerate Broken Social Scene was one of my “gateway bands” into indie rock music back in the early 2000s, a time when most popular rock hits seemed to all be some bizarre amalgamation of nu-metal and scream. Following a couple year hiatus following their last release, Forgiveness Rock Record, the band is back on tour promoting their new album Hug of Thunder.

Nobody Else Will Be There: The National as Cipher For All Our Many Ills

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Graham Isaac – In a room full of people who I did not know, but looked like people I did, or could, a slight unease and growing anticipation were both palpable. Folks milled around, hands in their pockets or fixing their hair. Women twenty years my senior and ten years my junior held newly purchased T-shirts with minimal design elements up to their face for selfies.

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