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Kyle Craft @ The Tractor Tavern

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Rachel Bennett – Something fantastic about Kyle Craft is that his recorded work and his live performances sound comparable, meaning listeners will rarely be disappointed. In both cases the music is strong and raw; Craft’s voice belts above twangy guitar riffs and catchy piano chords with beautiful inhibition and charismatic energy.

A Seattleite in Texas: Xetas, Borzoi, and Exhalants Live in Austin

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Andy Lowe – Austin is a growing city that continually pushed out quality acts and keeps its music venues alive and unsterilized. While Seattle has a great music scene, many venues have shut down or changed for the worst since I started playing the Seattle circuit -I’ve been playing in two Seattle-based bands (Devilwood and The Mighty Dreadful) for the past 8 or 9 years.

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