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Tiffany Haddish: Like a Boss

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Tim Basaraba – Oh Tiffany Haddish! The hilarious Girls Trip was your breakout roll in 2017. You followed it up with the almost as funny Night School and Nobody’s Fool in 2018. In 2019, you crushed the animated films market with voice work in the second Lego Movie, Secret Life of Pets and Angry Birds. Then you took a “serious” turn in the critical and financial flop The Kitchen. What would you do in 2020?

UK Post-Punks Shopping Sneak in Powerful Pre-Quarantine Set @ The Sunset

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Graham Isaac – It was arguably the last weekend one could go out with minimal guilt. It was the last weekend that felt even close to what passed for normal in a year that’d already seen threats of a Third World War and an entire continent on fire. Folks were washing their hands more frequently but businesses were still open and people were still going out and doing things.

Uncut Gems: Sandler Delivers in Latest “Serious Role”

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Tim Basaraba – Every ten years or so, someone trots out an Adam Sandler film and labels his performance as a “serious role.” Paul Thomas Anderson tried it with Punch Drunk Love (2002), and it worked. Then Judd Apatow did it in 2009 with Funny People, and it didn’t. Would the Safdie Brothers be able to convince us that their lead could try again and hit the mark?

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