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CHBP: Another Take on Day 1

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Capitol Hill Block Party Day 1 Recap
Friday, July 25, 2014
By Lindsey Potter
Photos by Jim Toohey 

I don’t think that there could have been a more beautiful day to kick off the Capitol Hill Block Party weekend.  Earlier in the week it felt a little too much like the start of fall but by early Friday afternoon the sun was out and droves of summer-clad concert goers were already streaming through the block party gates.

Early on, The Vera Project stage was already warming up the crowd with rising new bands such as Childbirth and the ethereal sounds of Washington grown band, Lemolo.  The evening brought the bigger names to the main stage like Spoon and Matt and Kim, as well as emerging Northwest electronic act Odesza.  When I think of their Summer’s Gone album, I think “this is what a chill outdoor party with your hundred closest friends would sound like.” As such, their sound was a perfect way to help kick off an amazing block party weekend.  Their only disappointment was that their last song was unfortunately cut short by some technical difficulties, but the crowd was very forgiving.

Kim without Matt at the 2014 Capitol Hill Block Party

Kim on her drums

I cannot talk about my Block Party experience without gushing about Matt and Kim.  Staking out a spot up front early was best decision I made that night, because their performance was ridiculously fun.  Both Matt and Kim would intermittently stand on their instruments while they were still playing them, encouraged all of the guys in the audience to let a girl sit on their shoulders for “the ride of their life,” and finally had Kim walk and dance across the crowd’s hands.  I loved that their crazy, excited energy never waned at any point of their show.  After they finished a song, they would have a little dance party and integrate songs like “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo or Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” with their own beats. Matt and Kim know how to put on an amazing show and seemed like they had just as much fun as the crowd did. It was actually just the best thing that ever happened.

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