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In Awe of Everything: Q&A with The Wytches

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Q&A with Kristian Bell

One of this year’s SXSW buzz bands, The Wytches, caught my attention with their mix of yummy guitar-band influences. They seem kind of like a Nuggets-era surf band that loves Black Sabbath and lived long enough to hear Nirvana, which puts them squarely at the center of my musical wheelhouse.

In preparation of the British band’s first visit to Seattle, I chatted with singer and guitarist Kristian Bell online. Loving your tunes so far guys. Really enjoying the mix of influences. Who turned you on to early garage rock and psychedelic at such a young age? 

Kristian Bell: My uncle showed me Sgt. Peppers when I was really young so that was probably the first I heard that kind of music. Garage or psychedelia was never really part of the big picture for us, though. I think it just comes off like that because we’re a bit sloppy.

NM: I also hear some Nirvana influence in there, especially on “Digsaw.” Are they a band you admire? 

KB: Yeah Nirvana are big for all of us. We don’t really bond over much music from our childhood but Nirvana is one we’re all mega-fans of.

NM: How was your first trip to the states?  

KB: It was SXSW. We loved it. Me and Gianni (our drummer) had never been before so we were in awe of everything. Most British kids are brought up with a lot of American culture so actually getting to see it is quite a trip.

NM: Seems like SXSW was a springboard for you guys. Does it feel weird to suddenly be getting so much buzz when you’ve yet to put out a proper album? 

KB: I guess it is quite odd. Our album has been finished for more than a half year now so it kind of feels like it’s already out for us. The official release will feel like a stamp of permanence.

NM: What can you tell us about the album (Annabel Dream Reader)?

KB: It feels like a collection of songs since we’ve started more than album. I like to think it has some variety. It’s not all mega loud and aggressive. There are some soft songs on it too. The title was something I thought of when I was in school that just kind of stuck.

Last we heard, there we a few tickets left for the July 3 show at Neumos featuring Cloud Control, Metz and Wytches. 

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