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Bumbershoot 2.0: Sunday’s Agenda

by on August 31st, 2019 | No Comments »

Matt Ashworth – We’re officially in the era of Bumbershoot 2.0, and one must approach things differently. Think of it as a yearly opportunity to sample the best of what the music industry wants you to spend your money on, check out that one band who’s song you liked on Tik Tok, and see what might sound good bumpin’ on a car stereo on Alki next summer.

Review and Photo Gallery: The Beths @ Chop Suey

by on August 23rd, 2019 | No Comments »

Rachel Bennett – If you scroll through the Facebook event of a sold-out show and see the comments of many people searching for tickets, it can inspire hope for the tenacity of the rock n’ roll music industry. While it sucks for the poor souls who waited too long to snag a ticket, it’s a positive indication that the band is doing well, and that they will have the money/support to tour again in the future.

And Then There Was THING

by on August 23rd, 2019 | No Comments »

Andy Bookwalter – In the beginning there was Sasquatch, which was awesome, in no small part because they let me in for free several years running. Then, in 2017, Sasquatch booked 21 Pilots to headline, enraging people who bought tickets before the lineup was announced. Maybe 21 Pilots roughed up the booker. I have no idea.

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