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Photo Set: Miguel @ Showbox Sodo

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Miguel Live @ The Showbox Sodo
February 23, 2018
Seattle, Wash.
By Maurice Harnsberry

I’m a huge Miguel fan but had never seen him live, so I jumped at the chance to shoot his recent show in Seattle.

The show opened with the crowd matching the mellow vibe of the L.A.-based singer and producer’s music, but got a bit more active when the performance peaked on songs like “Skywalker” and “How Many Drinks.”

Most notable was the artist’s open and personal stage presence. He seemed to make a genuine connection with the audience; they didn’t even seem to mind the technical difficulties at the start. Miguel just apologized quickly, left to fix the situation, came back and KILLED IT.

I definitely recommend checking him out when he’s back in town this Spring during Upstream! Fest.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the Showbox Show.

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