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Photo Set: The Shivas and La Luz @ Washington Hall

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Words and Photos by Tori Dickson

The Short Run Comix & Arts Festival at Washington Hall ended at 6 p.m. Saturday night and the art and tables were moved out for a hoppin’ beach party.

The venue was perfect for the 1960’s vibes of both the bands and the theme. With the lights arching over the stage and the balcony circling around the entire dance floor and the sweet surf sounds of the Shivas and La Luz, I felt like we had all been transported back in time. The venue was packed with artists and volunteers from the festival as well as fans of the bands. Everyone was ready to party after a long day of selling and looking at zines and comics. The Shivas got things going right. Everyone was dancing by about their third song. One rocking’ tune after another. La Luz kept it going with their set, splitting the crowd half way through for a soul train-style dance line. Toward the end of their set, they slowed things down a bit and people even slow-danced. It was a fantastic night full of singing, dancing and rock n roll.

Visit our Flickr page for more of Tori’s pictures of the Shivas and La Luz

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