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RIP Fox & The Law

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Photos by Mitch Barchi
Q&A by Matt Ashworth

Seattle band Fox and the Law built up a steady following of fans over their short run, releasing a couple of lauded albums and playing a string of raucous shows at local clubs and events like Bumbershoot and the Capitol Hill Block Party before somewhat suddenly announcing their final show would take place March 4 at Chop Suey.

New contributor Mitch Barchi captured photos of the band’s farewell performance, after which I caught up with band leader Guy Keltner to find out what’s next he and his band mates. So, how’s it feel to be done with this project? You had a good run.  

Guy Keltner: It’s bittersweet. This was the first time I fronted a band as an adult. We’ve been playing together since I was 21, so there are a lot of memories. A lot of “firsts” and “I’d never do that agains” and “oh shit, remember that?’s.” We just couldn’t write another record for the life of us so we decided to call it quits while we were still friends. We’ve been bad kids together and now it’s time to start being smarter about the projects we develop.

NM: What’s next for you and the other members of the band? Looks like you’re keeping busy.  

GK:  Right now Acid Tongue is taking up a majority of my time. I’m actually writing to you from Hamburg, Germany. I’ll be working on some art projects around Europe with my girlfriend for the next couple of weeks. Going to do some solo stuff in Berlin next week and then explore Italy and France. When I return to London, I’m meeting up with the rest of Acid Tongue and we’ll be doing a bunch of UK dates and recording. We’ll be dropping a second EP in Europe this Spring and then we wrap up our LP when I’m back in the states.

Dan and I also started a more shoegaze-y/drone project called Sick Sister. It consists of a lot of material that would have ended up on the next FaTL LP had we stayed together. But Dan and I have really gotten into some more far out stuff so it made sense to start a new band. If you dig FUZZ, Jesus & Mary Chain, and the Stone Roses, this will probably be more up your alley.

NM: Did you enjoy your final show? 

GK: Absolutely. That was one of the best shows we’ve played since the early days. I think it made the “top 5 shows” list for every band member. We were just so happy and so on point. And I still love throwing beer on people and flipping off the crowd. #RIPFATL.

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