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The Grizzled Mighty: 50% Compliant with Seattle’s Indie Rock Beard Ordinance

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City Arts Fest
The Grizzled Mighty w/Maldives & My Goodness
Saturday, October 20 @ Neumos
By Andy Bookwalter

The Grizzled Mighty are a male/female drums and guitar duo consisting of Whitney Petty (ex-Deerhunter) and Ryan Granger (orchid importer, which is not a band name). Two people, blues heavy 70’s-esque hard rock, crunchy guitars, chick on drums (yowza!); clearly this is totally new, has never been done before, and further mention of obvious influences need not be discussed.

The Grizzled Mighty are also really good. They play on Saturday at Neumos as part of the City Arts Festival. Also on the bill are My Goodness, also a two piece blues-inspired band, but with two beards, and The Maldives.

Oh yeah: just to address any concerns, Mr Granger does have a beard. Repeat: Rumors that a Seattle band might play sans beard are completely without merit.

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