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14 Bands to Watch in 2014: #14 Suction

Posted by February 13th, 2014 5 Comments »

For the past few years I have shared my “top local albums” with as part of their comprehensive year-end coverage. Albums are so 2003 though, right? Does anyone care anymore?

For me, it’s always about live music, so this year I decided to share my picks for the emerging local acts who put on the best live performances. These are bands you should get your fanny out to see in 2014.

I don’t find myself singing along to many local bands. Suction is one of the rare exceptions.

I may not always know the exact lyrics, but hearing John Felthous belt out powerful vocals from his unassuming frame gets me pumped every time. And with three heavy hitters on Guitar, Bass and drums backing him up Suction may put on the best METAL show in town.

Check out the interview we did with them when they reunited last year.

Check out the other bands on Tim’s list of “14 to Watch in 2014” at:

5 thoughts on “14 Bands to Watch in 2014: #14 Suction

  1. Sean Grantum says:

    Certainly you can’t name every band on this list but damn you failed to mention so many great Seattle bands out right now. 14? Not one I’ve heard of, and I’ve played in bands in the Seattle scene since 95′. Caligula? Glose? Survival Knife? He Who’s Ox Is Gored? Blood Drugs? The list goes on. Curious as to where you go to shows cause you’re missing the scene man..

    1. Darrin McDonough says:

      If your complaint is that you’ve never heard of these bands, you won’t be able to use that argument anymore because now you have heard of them. Problem solved. Where should we be going to shows? Help us out Sean. Be more constructive with your feedback. I don’t want to miss the scene.

  2. ray bond says:

    You should really check out Tyranny Theory on Facebook, Reverbnation, MySpace, YouTube and tell me what you think.

  3. Aaron says:

    Never heard of any of these bands. Ha ha.

    I guess business has been slow?

  4. M.O.F.O.. says:

    Suction is an amazing artistic collaboration , a refreshing layernig of influence and style. We are truly blessed to swim in the beauty these guys create for us(muthafuckin LOS is a fucking grind riff god , in my humble stoked you have found them man,,.TY Suction!

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