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2011 Faves: Top 5 West Seattle Bands

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First West Seattle, next The WorldWest Seattle is my home town and I love it.

Many people in "Seattle proper" are still clueless as to happenings west of the bridge, which is good. I’m in no hurry to have a bunch of upwardly mobile singles moving in and dumbing down the culture of the West. 

For those of you currently living and playing in West Seattle, you already know that the West is the SHIT, right? So why not have our own best of 2011 list?

Here are five examples of just how amazing the music community it is over here.

5. Watch it Sparkle 


4. Lowmen Markos  


3. NighTraiN  


2. HoboSexual  


1. The Young Evils  


And of course, there’s also this fucked up cowboy band from West Seattle. I won’t mention them here. They didn’t make my list.   

In addition to being a rock star, Brent Amaker is the honorary Mayor of West Seattle

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