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A Few of Our Favorite Things: 2009 TV Shows

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2009 Year in Review
Our Favorite TV Shows  

10) Hoarders
Unlike its subject matter – a slow, steady accumulation of possessions that eventually overcomes a person’s life – this show emerged quickly in 2009, delighting many of the sick fucks who contribute to

9) Sportscenter
If there’s one thing that’s remained consistent throughout our 12-year history, it’s this: dudes love sports. And Sportscenter still boasts the most complete highlights and witty anchors who weave in a wide range of pop culture references.

8) True Blood
Using the current popularity of vampires as a launching pad to further push his mission of tolerance, Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) continues to wow with his daring and surprisingly funny second season.

7) Dexter
Is the birth of Dexter’s baby boy and potential successor enough to help the gruesome series continue pushing its limits? Maybe not, but having John Lithgow serve the same purpose Jimmy Smits served in Season 3 definitely helped.

6) Parks and Rec
Saturday Night Live great Amy Poehler and emerging comic Aziz Ansari make Parks and Rec 2009’s best new sitcom.

5) East Bound & Down
For fans of Danny McBride (The Foot Fist Way and Pineapple Express) or Will Farrel this series is a must see. The uncomfortable laugh it elicits in everyone else is enough to make EB&D the breakout hit of the year.

4) Mad Men
The best non-HBO made-for-TV drama ever, Mad Men perfectly captures the dawn of American greed and juxtaposes it against the forthcoming social changes of the late 60s. Warning: not recommended for former smokers, recovering alcoholics, or reformed adulterers.

3) The Office
Micheal Scott and company continue to build on the project originally conceived and perfectly executed by Ricky Gervais. The documentary style still works and now the characters matter to us as much as their circumstances.

2) The Daily Show with John Stewart
Stewart’s become such a late night staple he’s easy to overlook on year-end lists. Young adults watch the Daily Show like their parents watched the CBS Evening News; like it’s a required evening ritual. The show continues to serve as an entry point to world issues, politics and other news items for a large portion of young America that would otherwise ignore them.

1) The Colbert Report
While the uber-conservative schtick doesn’t resonate as well with W out of office, Colbert has long passed his former boss in the “laugh out loud” category, and the comedic writing is some of the best ever to grace the tubes.

Also receiving votes: 24; The Big Bang Theory; Breaking Bad: Lost; Nip Tuck; Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles V: The Visitors.

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