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A Review of Pina and Her Work

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Movie Review
Pina – Directed by Wim Wenders
By Ashley Colette

This film is a tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch (1940 – 2009) that focuses on the breadth of her work and the affect she had on her dancers. If you don’t have a general interest in art you will likely be unmoved by the brief moments of dialogue and annoyed by the absence of a good story line.

Pina is also (unofficially) the first 3D art-house film and the technology made the film more interesting than it would have been on its own. Or, perhaps it merely added dimension to a mostly depthless film.

Do not expect to see a robust chronicle of the artist’s work and personal life. Do expect to see a compilation of scenes from Pina’s most famous pieces.

While the 3D scenography was encapsulating, no context accompanied the pieces, which was a constant frustration. It’s a shame that the creators of this film had such intimate access to the artist and didn’t share much about her. The film would be better served as an art installation.

This review of her work is underwritten by my apathy for her choreography. The film attributes this quote to Pina, “What are we longing for? Where does all this yearning come from?” I find that artists of her generation use art as therapy and sometimes confuse therapy as art. Their works are often an expulsion of uncomfortable emotions revealed in a literal way. They seek to discover tangible answers to life’s unknowns. The pursuit is worthy, but the path is often a train wreck.

I believe people are most moved when they are given room to breathe. Jackson Pollock’s works are that for me. His art, while obscure, captures the intensity that provokes those with intent to explore life in peace.

Another quote from the film: “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.” Again, common to her generation of artists, she focuses on the certainties of life and the only beauty captured is born from trauma. Her work is akin to a Woody Allen film, spinning the audience into exhaustion in hunt to resolve life’s anguish only to leave viewers hanging in hopelessness. – (5/10)

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