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Submission Policy

1. You send us your stuff, preferably as a digital download link with associated art and a couple of YouTube clips, but we’ll take anything really. Submit it to editor (at) nadamucho (dot) com.

For all you neophytes out there, we do have a physical mailing address. We like artwork and packaging and T-Shirts and vinyl… but please don’t send us a CD-R of your demos. Just point us to the files online.
PMB 230
2850 SW Yancy St
Seattle, WA 98126

2. If we have time, we’ll tell you what we think about it on our website.

(Incidentally, if we were kind of a dick to your band/movie/blog/mix-tape/visual arts project/home movie when we wrote about it on our site or on Twitter or something, don’t worry, we probably don’t know what we are talking about.) 

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