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All Hail Metalween. 2010 Recap.

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Metalween 2010 Recap
By Nada Staff
All Photos by Erinn J. Hale

Heavy Metal is more fun than Indie rock. There, we said it.

Illustrating this assertion was’s Metalween 2010, which ruled faces at the Mars Bar on October 28. Six acts slayed through covers by dozens of leatherclad heroes, including Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Danzig and a bunch more. Attendees took advantage of the excuse to don leather pants, face paint and painters caps. We had at least two Nigel Tufnels and one Bryan Jones, and we’re pretty sure that main guy from Anthrax was there. Not as someone’s costume — the actual guy from Anthrax.

Up first was Vultures 2012. We don’t have to tell you how much ass they kicked because you can see for yourself right here:

Then Letters From Traffic played a few songs by AC/DC. Singer Scott Concinnity sounded great and they even had horns.

Thunderpouch Live @ MetalweenBlack Samsonite is the new project from former Femur Colin Smith, and they somehow pulled off Thieves/Liars from Ministry and a Sepultura song. They even impressed our DJ for the evening, the venerable Seattle Rock Guy Nik Christofferson, so you know they brought the goods.

Next up was Thunderpouch, a perfectly-clad cast of characters from local rock bands Panama Gold and The Royal Bear. They did a Dokken cut and got second place for best faux-band name.

Danzig With Wolves took the trophy in that category and also won points for the only band to call the crowd out for being a bunch of poser pussies. The band is made up of Sod Hauler and Samothrace, and they did one of the best tracks of the night with Danzig’s “Devil’s Plaything.” They did justice to the Misfits “Halloween” and a few other Glen Danzig tunes, including “Mother,” through the haze of a smoke machine.

At the Spine live @ MetalweenThe cast of characters host Metal Mike had assembled for this incarnation of At the Spine stole the show, though, with amazing guitar work and props including an Eddie and a British Flag. They rocked on Priest staples “Run to the Hills” and “Another Thing Comin'” but it was a blistering version of Iron Maiden’s “Trooper” that warrented the most devil horns. Throughout their set the crowd banged heads as a crowd of previous performers screamed along in to an additional microphone placed in front of the stage.

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