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473 Words on “A Thousand and One”

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Tim Basaraba – Melodrama is not a bad word. Sure, it gets a bad rap for intentionally eliciting emotional responses, but isn’t that what cinema is supposed to do? A.V. Rockwell’s feature film debut, A Thousand and One, does just that – uses melodrama in an attempt to make the audience feel a particular way.

Zach Braff: A Good Person

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Tim Basaraba – I’ve always been indifferent to Zach Braff. I’ve never seen his films Garden State (2004) or Wish I Was Here (2014), nor have I watched a single episode of Scrubs (2004-2009). I don’t have an aversion to Braff, his acting, or his directing, it’s just that some people’s work doesn’t find it’s way into my life.

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