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Badwater Fire Company: Playing Through the Pain

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Q&A with Shane Rossmiller, Vocals/Guitar
Interview by Matt Ashworth What is Badwater Fire Company and why should anyone care?
SR: Badwater Fire Company is a progressive rock band that derives a sick and twisted pleasure from bending genres and traditional song structures just to see the confused look of surprise on your face. People should care deeply about Badwater Fire Company because “Badwater Fire Company” is an ancient Eskimo phrase meaning “Not clubbing baby seals.” If you don’t support Badwater Fire Company, you are practically clubbing baby seals yourself.

NM: What can people expect from your show tonight at Barboza?
SR: Unfortunately, I cut off the tip of my left index finger a few days ago. I’m going to tape it up and play through the pain, but we’ll have to do some of the guitar parts on my laptop. I know that seems rather Milli Vanilli, but I conveniently have tracks for our material thanks to the hard work I’ve been doing on our first full length, which comes out in March. Having my hands free of a guitar should allow me to do more good old fashioned “entertaining,” though. Maybe I’ll juggle some chainsaws? Interpretive dance?

NM: What other local bands are you excited about right now?
SR: Piano Piano, Alex’s Hand, Hidden Number, The Adam Hicks Quartet, and Monkeybat are personal favorites.

NM: Anything else you want our readers to know?
SR: We’re very excited to share our first full length album with the world. We did it ourselves in our living rooms, and it has certainly been an educational endeavor. With over forty-seven minutes of pure unadulterated Badwater, it should please everyone from old fans to first time listeners with all the twists, turns, chaos, and harmony that our music will come to be known for. Also: NadaMucho.Com is really cool.

NM: Thanks! See you at Barboza.


Badwater Fire Company play TBASA &’s monthly showcase at Barboza on February 16 with Suction and Daughters of the Dead Sea.

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