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Behold the Firebard: Randy Ellefson Needs Singer, Editor

Posted by December 24th, 2005 1 Comment »

Randy Ellefson
The Firebard
By Jeannette Crowe

Randy Ellefson is one mean guitar player. Unfortunately, Randy Ellefson’s The Firebard is not an album; it’s a series of boring guitar, bass, and drum machine tracks that really miss their old friend “lyrics.”

Do you know someone who plays guitar and likes to jam for hours and hours? Playing one metal solo after another, and no chords that cannot most aptly be modified with the word “power”? And do you, moreover, love, more than anything, to listen to that friend play for those endless hours?

If so, then this album for you. For you and for Randy’s mom that is. As for the rest of us, let’s use our time more wisely. Maybe I’ll start with writing a classified ad for Randy. One that starts, “Singer Wanted.” – (2/10)

Randy Ellefson on

Randy Ellefson

One thought on “Behold the Firebard: Randy Ellefson Needs Singer, Editor

  1. Ray Smith says:

    This is not an album review. I remember when this was first posted and you received so much flak for this in the comments, not to mention that you obviously grabbed a casual photo from his Instagram or something and purposely chose to use that instead of the official photo. You’ve changed this repeatedly over the years, sometimes putting the official photo back, and editing the review. I remember the original had you mocking this photo, but I guess you didn’t put that back, huh? I wonder why you keep changing the degree of attitude in this review. It says more about you than the artist.

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