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Best of 2017: Marco Collins’ Favorite Northwest Tracks

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By Marco Collins

I think we can all agree that 2017 was a rough year, on many levels.

In addition to the distressing national political climate and the tech-fueled growth of the city making it harder on artists and the working class, we lost an icon and one of the best singers Seattle has ever seen. Chris Cornell and Soundgarden defined the Drop D growl of the 90’s, but 25 years later, most people would be surprised by how uniquely diverse the Northwest music scene is today.

Amidst the confusion, sadness, and loss, there were some musical masterpieces this year to lift and inspire us:

  1. The 80’s glam metal departure record Monolith by Hobosexual
  2. A lush and epic concept record from The Maldives, Mad Lives
  3. The Woods, an experimental funk/R&B offering from Otieno Terry
  4. Ben Gibbard’s gorgeous reconstruction of Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque

What follows is list that’s more about undeniable tracks/singles from new local acts, like Saint Claire, Ruler, Ben Zaidi, Great Grandpa (#41for2016) and Shit Ghost. I like to think of this playlist as a 2017 Northwest Greatest Hits Compilation.

So take a listen, and post some of your favorite Northwest songs of 2017 below in the comments section.

Marco Collins is an influential DJ and tastemaker who was the subject of the 2015 documentary The Glamour & The Squalor.

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