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Boy, Girl and Terminal: Meet Seattle’s “Ever So Android”

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Q&A with Hope Simpson & Drew Murray

Carrying on a tradition that dates back to 2002, contributor TBASA hosts dozens of live music showcases for emerging local bands each month, graciously opening his metaphorical doors to anyone who can put together a thirty minute set.

Spending most evenings in tiny clubs like the Mix in Georgetown, West Seattle’s Benbow Room, and the White Rabbit in Fremont allows one to sift through the overabundance of musical mediocrity in search of that “next big thing.”  The latest band to catch his eye is synth and guitar two-piece Ever So Android, who’s eponymous  debut EP is extremely confident and well crafted, so much so that local station KEXP 90.3 added first track “Inferno” to regular rotation. What is “Ever So Android” and why should anyone care?
ESA: Wish we knew. We always say that Ever So Android is actually a three piece…Hope, Drew, and “Ever so Android.” The concept has such a huge effect on our writing process because we try to figure out what it means musically. We get a little closer to understanding it each song. If we ever figure it out then we might have to quit.

NM: Give us a little band bio and back story.
ESA: Formed early 2012 ish. We were actually just friends first and sort of accidently started playing music together. At first we were an acoustic live act with loops but everything just evolved from there and got weirder.

NM: How’d you come up with the name “Ever So Android?”
ESA: We wanted to comment on how our culture and society in general is becoming increasingly detached and robotic. Everyone sits at home on their “terminals” and there is less and less need for any real human interaction. We’re trying to take that obviously negative trend and somehow reflect it positively through our music.

NM: The EP is really good. It seems to demonstrate lots of familiar reference points but doesn’t sound too much like any of one thing. Well done. What’s next for you, recording-wise?
ESA: Thanks so much. We’ve had a lot of discussions about whether do a single or a full length or another EP. We’re leaning towards doing another EP. We like the idea of releasing a few songs every 6-8 months.

NM: You’ve captured the interest of indie-rock booker extraordinaire, TBASA. How did you accomplish this feat?
ESA: He’s one of the only other people we know that goes out to shows every night so we would see each other around the city all the time. And back rubs. He likes those.

NM: What can our readers expect from your live show at the Sunset this weekend?
ESA: We try to make it really visceral since those are the shows that have the most effect on us personally. What that means is that our performance tends to change show to show, but I promise that it’ll be different than what most Seattleites are used to.

NM: We’re looking forward to it. One last thing…where do you guys stand on the whole Android vs iOS debate?
ESA: Fun fact: Drew has a Galaxy s4 and Hope has an iPhone. When someone starts sending us free phones and paying our phone bills we’ll make the band’s stance public.

Ever So Android play our Durgefest 6 show Saturday, July 27 at the Sunset in Ballard with the Lush Tones.

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