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Bumbershoot 2011 Preview: #ProTips for Rookies

Posted by September 2nd, 2011 No Comments » started covering Bumbershoot in 1997 and, even then, it had been part of our lives for years. Over that time we’ve accumulated some wisdom to help less-experienced fans maximize their enjoyment at the yearly Labor Day weekend event. Here’s a taste.

#bumbershootprotip: The best band in the world will suck if they’re playing in the Memorial Stadium

#bumbershootprotip: The worst band in the world will suck less if they’re playing in the Sky Church

#bumbershootprotip: It’s great to hang out in the beer garden north of the fountain: the randomness of encounters there is splendid. Americans don’t really know how to be together, but we’re trying.

#bumbershootprotip: If you can finagle your way into the KEXP 90.3 (@kexp) live shows, do it. Great sound, good seating. Best ticket on the grounds.

#bumbershootprotip: Sake is odorless and looks like water in a clear bottle. All I’m saying.

#bumbershootprotip: There usually isn’t a long line for the bathrooms on the second floor of the Center House. And they’re not as gross as most festival potties.

#bumbershootprotip: Security never touches your crotch when they pat you down. All I’m saying.

#bumbershootprotip: Don’t complain there’s no one you want to see. There is. Go to, preview all the bands, and use their scheduling tool to plan your day.

#bumbershootprotip: Get stadium wristbands upon entry, duh.

#bumbershootprotip: Also hang out at the fountain, and by the orcas. Someone might do a triple flip in midair when the water cannon goes off, again. I was there for that shit. Astonishing.

#bumbershootprotip: Oh, fucking Nortec is playing. At 5:30, in the stadium. Don’t matter. They will be amazing. Go.

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