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Aarin Wright – Fever dreams experienced within quarantine are like none other. Colorful memories of happier days spent outdoors mutate to rigid balls of panic within the course of a 30 minute, or three hour midday nap. On his newest EP APOCALYPSE, out today on Fluff & Gravy Records, Seattle indie-folk artist Jason McCue orchestrates the waking nightmare.

Video Premiere: Rachaels Children’s “Running”

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Matt Ashworth – Last year, Nada photographer Andy Perkovich captured an early set from Rachaels Children at Lucky Liquor and summarily raved about the band’s “passion for creating sound that stems from a desire to reject compliance and provide a space for communal tantrums.” Now, as the band quickly catches the attention of other local taste-makers, we’re excited to debut their first official video, “Running.”

Preview: Grandpa Goes to Timbrrr!

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Andy Bookwalter – Continuing in the tradition of sending a confused old man across a treacherous mountain pass in search of music he doesn’t understand by bands he’s never heard of, this old man is going to Timbrrr!, the yearly festival held annually in picturesque Leavenworth, Wash. that’s so good it has an exclamation point right in its name!

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