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Freakout Fest 2022: Thursday Recap

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Naomi Cooper – Excited to cover Freakout Fest last Thursday night with both words and drawing, I hustled to the box office near the new “Freakout in the Streets” outdoor stage and managed to catch a bit of Chris King and the Gutterballs before totally-not-speedwalking over to Hotel Albatross for The Kathy Moore Super Power Trio (KMSPT) with special guest Jessica Lurie.

UK Post-Punks Shopping Sneak in Powerful Pre-Quarantine Set @ The Sunset

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Graham Isaac – It was arguably the last weekend one could go out with minimal guilt. It was the last weekend that felt even close to what passed for normal in a year that’d already seen threats of a Third World War and an entire continent on fire. Folks were washing their hands more frequently but businesses were still open and people were still going out and doing things.

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