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Q&A with Duke Evers

Posted by July 24th, 2014 No Comments » You’re called “The Duke Evers Band” but there’s no one in the band named Duke. What gives? 

Josh: It’s actually just Duke Evers. When we first began it was The Duke Evers Band but we preferred the short version. People ask us all the time “which one of you guys is Duke?” It’s pretty funny.

NM: Your debut EP Handful of Pennies is really great. Where the hell did you guys come from?

Kyle: Thank you very much. Josh and I both come from different places but we met in Seattle when I had an ad up for a roommate. Neither of us was looking for a band to play in but the universe had a different idea. That was the birth of Duke Evers.

NM: Sounds like fate. What can people expect from your set at the Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend?
Josh: ENERGY. Kyle and I pride ourselves on being as loud and as up in your face as possible. Put your dancing shoes on.

NM: Who exactly do you have to blow to get booked on the CHBP these days anyway?
Kyle: We didn’t actually have to blow anybody this year, but a good buddy of ours did some heavy petting and that sealed us a spot.

NM: What other Seattle bands are you excited about right now? Who are you going to see at CHBP?

Josh: Fortunately for us there are some badass bands in Seattle, some well known and some not so well known. We love listening to Country Lips, My Goodness, Alicia Amiri, Crypts, Deadkill, Ayron Jones and the Way, The Hollers, and tons of others. Fortunately for us we have become friends with many of those bands so that’s where we will be when we’re not at Barboza shredding people’s faces off – supporting the friends and musicians that helped us get here.

NM: What’s next for Duke Evers? Album? Tour? Videos?  

Kyle: Well yes to  all of the above really, we have plans in the works right now to start shooting a video in the next month or so. We are also trying to get into CMJ again this year and depending on what we hear back from some of the people over there we will be touring to NYC in late October for a few weeks. After that we plan on getting back in the studio and recording probably another EP to release sometime next summer.

(Duke Evers play the CHBP Barboza stage on Friday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m.) 

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