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Decibel Festival 2012: Trap Music Isn’t Dead

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Decibel Festival
September 26-30
Seattle, Washington
By Jeff Wilson

On Thursday, September 27 at Decibel Festival, Shlohmo, Baths and Star Slinger proved that trap music isn’t dead. The southern influenced, 808 drum heavy music kept the crowd moving all night.

Shlohmo, who started 30 minutes late, began the night with some of his signature synth-funk and breezy trip-hop. He played his hits “Places” and “Teeth” while mixing in various remixes and mashups of electronic and trap.

Baths  hopped right in where Shlohmo left off. His set consisted almost entirely of songs I’d never heard before, but there were remixes of Young Jeezy and Chamillionaire thrown in along with his originals like “Animals.”

Finally Star Slinger closed out the night with familiar favorites like “Mornin’” and “They Like it Slow.” As usual with the UK producer, southern twang was the theme of the night. My biggest complaint with Star Slinger is he had too long of a lull between songs. Some lull is nice, but with this set he seemed to make the crowd move and then quickly transition into a softer, mellower song.

Of the three, Baths was the most rewarding. The thrill of hearing a ton of new songs and reinterpretations of familiar tracks kept me (and most of the crowd) moving the longest and hardest.


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