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Denied: Sage Francis Gives T Basa the Heisman

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Sage Francis Live @ Neumos
Thursday, September 22

Last summer, Rhode Island rapper Sage Francis played the Showbox at the Market. Beforehand, I had the opportunity to chat with the bearded wonder in preview of what was to be a epic show, at which Sage gave us his all and then left quickly to mourn the death of his Father with his family back east.

Sage dedicated the last song of his set to his Dad, and his feelings of loss and pain were evident in the performance. Having recently lost my Mother, I couldn’t hold back the tears as I witnessed this man’s grief turn to cathartic art.

Since Sage is gracing Seattle with his presence again at Nuemos on September 22, I assumed I was guaranteed a second interview. That assumption proved to be false. Here’s how that went down. Sage, this this is Tim Basaraba from We conducted an interview last year in support of your new album Li(f)e and show at the Showbox in Seattle. Would you have time to do another interview to hype your return on Septembers 22 at Neumos? 
Sage Francis: The last interview we did, which I took a fair amount of time to make sure was WICKED AWESOME, received absolutely zero responses. Do you think it’s possible to do even better than that?

NM: If the response to that interview was a D+ I could maybe guarantee a C-. No one comments on Websites any more, they just click like on the Facebook link. We had a couple “likes” and some comments there. I can make it short and sweet this time.
SF: How about you come to the show and smack my butt? I’m down for that.

NM:  Will do. What will you be wearing?
SF: Ass-less chaps, silly goose.

Now, with Sage’s ass-less chaps revealing my hand print across his tush, how could one even think about missing this show?

Did I mention he’s the most underrated rapper alive?

Editor’s Note: Our first coverage on Sage playing live in Seattle was this review of his 2004 show at Chop Suey. At Neumos on September 22 of this year, he will be joined by The Metermaids and SADISTIK. Tickets are on sale now at Moe Bar and

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