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Dr. Dog: “We Don’t Tan. We Rust.”

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Dr. Dog Live @ The Neptune Theatre
March 5, 2014 
By Lindsey Potter 

Sometimes I forget what large following Dr. Dog has.

I think that’s because most of my close friends were not as excited about the Philadelphia band’s recent show at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre as I was. But, as I discovered when I arrived at the venue, the show had already sold out. There were clearly some disappointed people outside who did not get tickets.

I managed to wriggle my way away from the bar towards the stage while the crew set up Dr. Dog’s equipment. As I staked out my little spot, I quickly realized how many people were decked out in Dr. Dog apparel. At one point I was sandwiched between two guys wearing the band’s bright beanie. The pair were among the first to start cheering when the black curtains came down, revealing a white arch (complete with lights and green streamers) and a gas-station-like sign that read “Dr. Dog – We Don’t Tan. We Rust!”

Touring on their seventh album, B-Room, these road veterans did not waste must time greeting the audience before they started playing. They plugged in, the arch lit up, and the crowd was washed in the colored light pouring off the stage.

What made the show extra enjoyable was the energy the band put in to their performance. They seemed to be genuinely having fun and the crowd responded to with their feet.

There were some technical difficulties early on, which meant the band had to play a couple ballads in a row (which they unnecessarily apologized for), but once everything was back up singer Toby Leman starting performing one of my favorites, “Broken Heart,” and the audience starting dancing just as excitedly as they did when the show started.

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