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False Advertising: Bloc Party’s Latest EP

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Meghan Vogel

The press release for Bloc Party’s late 2013 EP, The Next Wave Sessions, promised that it “amalgamates the visceral energy of Bloc Party live.”

Which is odd, because I don’t often think of anything this accessible as “visceral.” In fact, dollars to donuts you’re gonna be hearing this at K-Mart soon. And you’ll be sure to hear songs “Montreal” and “Children of the Future” at your next frat house make-out party.

That isn’t to say The Next Wave Sessions is horrendous. I didn’t vomit. But there’s nothing new, avant-garde or interesting about this release. And certainly nothing visceral.

My advice as a crotchety, aging goth is to give yourself a history lesson, kids, by going directly to the  original synthwave/depresso rock. Check out anything from the 4AD label’s late-80s to early-90s output.

As a compromise, how about this: you promise to keep partying with the Bloc to a minimum and I’ll temper how much I profess my undying love for “Blue Monday.” Deal?  – (3/10)

Meghan Vogel also contributes to Northern California print magazine Savage Henry

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