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Hidden Lake: Four Dudes with Normal Testosterone Levels

Posted by April 12th, 2013 No Comments » Interview – Hidden Lake
Q&A with Chuck McCammon
By Matt Ashworth 

Adam Drew and Chuck McCammon started playing music together in 2004 under the name Halophile. Throughout many tours with extended stays in NYC and Kentucky the duo remained focused on writing and creating music together.

After a much needed “break-up” the two fiends went separate ways, putting their time into other music endeavors. Adam recorded with My Deformed Pets and then Passion Party and Chuck started The Northern Hunger and then a project called Copper and Brass.

The duo reunited while backing up a mutual friends’ cross-country tour and formed Hidden Lake soon thereafter. A little pit vitriol and a little bit melody, the band also includes Jody Schaible on bass and Joe Labatt on screaming, sympathetic guitar. What the hell is Hidden Lake?
Chuck Maccamon: Well, literally it’s a lake in Oregon. Metaphorically it’s a lake of ideas and tastes particular to each musician’s liking and enjoyment of performing. We are an oasis on the timeline of bands past present and an optimistic musical future for the world.

NM: Ummm… OK. Have you released any albums or EPs yet? If not, when?
CM: We’re in the process of final mixes and mastering our five song EP, which we hope to release in early May.

NM: What can people expect from your show at Barboza on Saturday night?
CM: Well, we’re four dudes with normal testosterone levels who write music together. I call it dude noise. There involves some screaming guitars, syncopated rhythms, backbone bass work, pretty much what you want a rock band to achieve without the pretension and over-compensation.

NM: Have you guys considered touring with Hidden Cameras and Emerson, Lake and Palmer? Cause that would be clever.
CM: No, but you got my number if you get any leads, Man.

Hidden Lake play our Durge Fest 4 show Saturday, April 13 at Neumos with Clearly Beloved and Prat Attack.

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