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How Not to Mess Up Capitol Hill Block Party, Day 2

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The Capitol Hill Block Party
July 24-26, 2015  

Since the name of the game for this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party is to fail the least, I hope to function as your Block Party sherpa. Stick close to me and you won’t fall off. Here’s what you can expect from Saturday’s line-up.

Imagine Saturday’s lineup as the crust-punk that yells something profoundly sarcastic at you and, when you turn to respond, you realize they have a very sweet-looking puppy in their possession so you reconsider. “No,” you think, “Not in front of the children.”

Start off the second day of Block Party based on how the first day ended. If you’re looking to throw down early, leap into the proverbial clutches of Kinski, Seattle’s longstanding masters of blending fuzzed-out garage rock crunch with elements of drone and the occasional flute accompaniment. If you’re still nursing your headache from the day before (from dehydration, of course) regulate to The Physics’ slick raps. They’re both local; they both rule.

You don’t have to make any difficult choices until the Giraffage versus Girlpool debacle. Again, how are we feeling? Apply some sunscreen and finish the last slurp of your water bottle before jumping to the dance-fest curated by Giraffage OR grab your closest friend and take in Girlpool (pictured above), the best music-enhanced friendship since Run The Jewels, to add some clarity.

The day will end between garage-pop from The Kills and extra-fine tipped synth-line from Com Truise. I recommend a bit of both before you grab a victory burrito at Rancho and call it a night.

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