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I’m Right, You’re Wrong

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong
Advice for sexually confused or curious readers.

Do redheads really have red pussy hairs?

Yes, you fucking idiot. Don’t write to me ever again.

So I’m dating this smart, wonderful hot girl. We’re both 27. I think I want to marry her. But here’s the rub – she’s a virgin. A fucking virgin. Which I’m not saying is always bad, but I just feel that I need to know we’re sexually compatible before I tie the knot. What if she happens to be a stiff? You know, one of those girls that honestly don’t like sex. Do you think I’m making any sense at all here?

I’ve heard of the phenomena of girls wanting to wait for their wedding night. While I’ve never understood this (I think that you should test drive the merchandise before you make the purchase,) you fail to mention whether she wants to wait for marriage to lose her virginity, or she just hasn’t met “the one” she wants to give it up to. Approach her with the subject and see what she says. You might be surprised. If your true love still wants to wait for the blessing of matrimony, let her know there are plenty of ways to have fun without technically popping the cherry, so to speak. I mean, a little knob polishing and carpet munching never hurt anyone, right? If she’s willing to participate in a little mutual pleasuring, then I’m almost certain she’s not “stiff.” If she’s totally unwilling to participate in any of these activities, dump that bitch.

I’m married but I’ve got one other guy I sleep with now and then. It’s nothing serious or regular, just a case of us having been friends so long, and lovers before that, that it’s just hard for it to feel wrong. We’re extremely comfortable together and he’s a terrific kisser, but we’re not in love at all. It’s not a threat to my marriage, and I think it might actually keep me from straying elsewhere – I’m a horny girl. Is there something wrong with this? Society says yes but it just seems like not a big deal.

It’s not a big deal to you, but I bet it’s a very big deal to your husband. You say nothing about how HE feels about this matter, or how YOU’D feel about him sleeping with another woman. Sounds to me like you’re a selfish, cheating bitch that needs to have better communication with her mate that she vowed to remain loyal to. I’m sure that it would be a threat to your marriage if you came clean to your husband. My advice? Stop screwing around on your husband, keep your mouth shut and be a good wife, or get a divorce so that you can do as you please without hurting someone who loves you.

So my boyfriend of 9 months and I have been having great sex, well really good sex at least. Lately he’s been sort of freaking me out. I’m no stranger to sex, and I’ve used dildos myself and with other lovers, but lately it seems he wants only to fuck me with a dildo. To me that’s like something that you don’t do every night. Something for a special occasion like when you’ve just been on a really good date and had a few glasses of wine and are just ready. But I’m sort of starting to feel bad about myself. Are my sexual boundaries very narrow or is there something wrong with him or is this something I should even think about? Please help.

Anything you do sexually that makes you feel uncomfortable is definitely not okay. As I’ve told many others before you, communication is the key to a good relationship. For chrissakes, TALK to your partner about things that bother you or cause you concern. More than likely, there is one of two things going on here. First, it could be that this is the first time a girlfriend has let him participate in more kinky adventures than he’s normally been allowed and he’s taking this ride as far as it can go. Or, there’s something bothering HIM about his own skills. If you’ve responded more enthusiastically (at least in the beginning) to being pleasured with a mechanical toy than his own piece of meat, he might be feeling a bit insecure about his equipment. Men respond very well to having their egos (and other parts) stroked. Be sure and compliment his hard, throbbing love tool often while in bed and he’ll either rise to the task at hand or confess the reason he has turned to inanimate objects to assist in pleasuring his lady. Good luck!

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