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IPO Seattle 2011: Day 3 Band Reviews & Videos

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This is the poster from IPO Seattle 2011International Pop Overthrow
August 24-27 @ The Mix

Say kids, here’s continued coverage of the International Pop Overvthrow (IPO) festival that came through Seattle last weekend at The Mix

Day 3: Friday, August 26th  

Tim Rose (Seattle, WA) – D   
Tim started his set off by saying “This is the first time I have played guitar and sang on stage at the same time,” Guess what, Tim? We could tell. Also less talk, more pop. No one cares about all the glorious places you have lived in your globetrotting life. Although, the fact that you’ve lived in the Ukraine changed your rating from a D minus to a D.

The Glasses (Seattle, WA) – C
Taking a knack for catchy songwriting to the stage with limited
talent has been a staple of the Seattle music scene. The Glasses, their
catchy songs, their fan base and their limited talent all showed up for
the IPO 2011. 


Fortune 500 (Sedro-Woolley, WA) – A
Power Pop done right. Incredible cohesiveness on stage. And hooks that later prove to be ear worms.


Throwback Suburbia (Portland, OR) – B
Radio-ready pop hits, complemented by the incredible sound of a
Wurlitzer piano, and just enough of a slight country tinge separates Throwback Suburbia from their contemporaries.


The Tronnies (Seattle, WA) – B
How can a band sound like the Ramones and still seem original?
Their songwriter and frontman’ss name has to be Leif Pacemaker. For only
their second show ever, these kids rocked. 


Dave Rave (Hamilton, Ontario, CA) – A 
With only his Epiphone Casino guitar and a seasoned voice, Mr. Rave
wowed the Georgetown neighborhood audience with songs that were catchy
enough to land him a Grammy Nomination. A true class act, Dave called up
members of the Tronnies to rock out to one of his songs on drums and
back up vocals. Then, when we thought all the fun had ended, he pulled IPO
czar David Bash on stage to help with a cover of the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated." Fantastic.


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