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Feel the Local Love: A Big Ass Boombox Recap

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Big Ass Boombox
5th Annual Big Ass Boombox Music Festival
Saturday, Jan. 6 at The Crocodile in Seattle

With Theoretics, The Fabulous Downey Brothers, Vibragun, Wall of Ears, X Suns, La Fonda, WEEP WAVE, Peyote Ugly, Perfect Families, Vox Mod, Cashing in Karma, Neat Beats, Von Wildenhaus, Close Encounter

Words by Rachel Bennett
Photos by Andy Perkovich and Rachel Bennett

The 5th Annual Big Ass Boombox festival was a free, two night mini fest at The Crocodile main stage, back bar, and the new Jupiter Bar in Belltown. The goal of the festival has always been to provide an all-ages space for fans and up-and-coming artists to connect.

Featuring all local bands, the nights were packed with awesome acts that are busting into the scene and beginning to make names for themselves. So many of these bands are worth keeping an eye on, and I foresee many of them making big moves in 2018.

Whenever I go to a show or small festival with a bunch of local Seattle bands, I’m always delighted to see that musicians show up to support each other. Last weekend I was at Tractor Tavern to see Sundries headlining, opened by Sassy Black and Moon Palace, and I saw Ryan and Kim of Smokey Brights in the crowd. In fact, pretty much any time I go to a local show, I see members of other bands there, groovin’ with the rest of us civilians.

Wall of Ears by Rachel Bennett

Big Ass Boombox Fest was no different; during Wall of Ears’ set I met Kelly of The Spider Ferns who was there to support her friends on stage. (I will note that Wall of Ears is now one of my new favorite Seattle bands; incredible stage presence and energy, I really dig their sound and vibe. Check out their incredible album Hello Beautiful Nothing released this past summer).

When Close Encounter stepped on stage, they gave a heartfelt shoutout to La Fonda for rocking a killer set and being the best band to perform that night; and I know for a fact that front-women Veronica and Valerie of La Fonda have songs by Close Encounter, Peyote Ugly, and a myriad of other local bands on their “La Fonda Faves” playlist on Spotify.

La Fonda by Rachel Bennett

Maybe it’s just the energy I feel from bands I know personally…but I’d like to believe that the Seattle music community is actually a community and people actually give a shit about each other, dig each other’s music, and find value building creative friendships. That’s the way it should be, in any city, across the country and globe; the only way music is going to retain magic and power is if people continue to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other to be the best artists they can be.

Feel the love you guys.

A few photos from night one of Big Ass Boombox Fest:

See more of Rachel and Andy’s photos on our Flickr Page.

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