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Mayer Hawthorne’s Rare Showmanship

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Los Angeles’ Mayer Hawthorne exhibits a rare showmanship in his live performance, calling upon golden standards of matching suits, Motown-style dance routines, and the ability to electrify any audience into a dancing, swooning mass in just a few songs.

One of the grounding qualities of Hawthorne’s onstage persona, keeping him from falling into a full-on cruise boat act, is how his songs are accentuated with elements of R&B and rap. He may take the stage donning a sleek, maroon suit but he does so with a crisp pair of Jordans to boot.

Hawthorne’s most recent album, Where Does This Door Go, converts the unbridled sensuality of Allen Stone with the catchiness of a Hall & Oates B-side. He has such a command over his hybrid of 70s infused pop that, when he used to be a DJ, he would record his own covers of Motown hits to sample in order to avoid paying fees. He also incorporates a beat-heavy, hip hop theme in many of his songs, which undoubtedly led to his collaborations with rap greats like Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar. If anything, the album is proof of his perfected style and knack for solid songwriting. Hawthorne’s current ‘Where Does This Door Go’ tour is making its way through the country and will swing through Neumos on Monday, February 3rd.

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