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Memo Re Ayron Jones: He’s Good

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By Greg Lehman

Ayron Jones ain’t afraid of success and rightfully so. When I met the Seattle musician he was too busy enjoying the music to worry about an event like a battle of the bands, much less what others may think of him; and believe me after meeting him not only did I feel included, but I actually felt like one of the “cool kids” hanging out with him and his group.

My first time seeing them play, Ayron (Guitar/Vox), Deandre Enrico (Bass), and Conrad Real (Drums) were playing round two of the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands contest (which they incidentally won). While a heavily-encouraged encore had begun for the band playing before them, Ayron just smiled and enjoyed the other band’s music. completely unfazed.

Throughout the evening we discussed music and the passion behind what they do. Ayron pretty much loves all things music, citing everything from punk to blues to top 40 as influences.  I would soon learn that Ayron and his band have more talent in their pinky fingers than most top 40 musicians though.

From the very first note of their performance that evening, the pendulum swung their way in terms of crowd support. People who were sitting down stood up. The stage was quickly surrounded by people dancing, swaying and grooving to the music.  The energy the trio displayed was just too compelling to do anything else.

This well-versed musical trio allowed their music to adapt, swirl, build and burn through them. At one point in the show a fairly large fan decided to “stage dive.” It was a minimal success of a stage dive, but a huge success for Ayron and the Way, who basically owned the night.

Ayron Jones @ The Hard Rock CafeWhat makes Ayron’s style of modern blues so interesting is that he cuts out the formulaic blues riff, opting instead to pull from rock, jazz, R&B, heavy metal, hip hop and even some country. You definitely get the feeling that you’re watching genius at work, but he makes it look effortless nonetheless.

Don’t be fooled by the ease with which they deliver their energetic songs, though. What Ayron do musically takes a huge amount of skill and talent. And perhaps more importantly, but what they say musically makes you want to be part of it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some showgoer wrote in to their local congressman asking for an Ayron Jones & The Way Day.

After the show I realized they aren’t afraid of success because it’s already in them.  I was just late getting the memo.

Don’t be late getting the memo: go see Ayron Jones & the Way at new University District club The Rat & Raven on May 3 or watch Ayron play the national anthem at the Everett Raptors game on May 4.

Editor’s note: post the phrase “I got the memo” on our Facebook page or Tweet it to us at @nadamucho for free tickets to the Rat & Raven show May 3.

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