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Metaform: Funky Jazz Instrumentals and Juvenile Yo Momma Disses, Together at Last

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Metaform – Metaform
Self-Released (2007)
By Pete Morcos 

Neo-soul: a musical genre of the late 1990s and early 2000s that fuses contemporary R&B, 1970s style soul, classical music, jazz, and elements of alternative-hip hop.

Metaform: the layering of light profanity and “yo mam” style rhymes over the top of neo-soul.

After skipping the second half of their misleadingly crunk intro song “Get Low,” I was taken aback by an abrupt change for the better in complex, well-crafted instrumentals that seamlessly combined elements of jazz, funk, and soul without becoming haphazard Motown soup.

I was even more surprised to realize that the vocals had not made a corresponding change, but in fact continued to consist of PG-13 ghetto party disses.

Don’t mistake me, there is humor in suggesting my girl is a “haggard ol’ midget, sufferin’ from tooth decay, who just escaped from the zoo anyway.” But a line should be drawn before I have to hear a first class jazz ensemble back up the words “If you keep runnin’ yo mouth, this could go all out, it’s what I’m all about, and that’s without a doubt.”Suffice it to say, I’m actually a little unclear on what Metaform is all about, and I think they might be too. Their song “I Can’t Love You,” about stopping at second base with a known transvestite to stay straight highlights the need for some additional soul searching.

That being said, however, this record does offer a lot of humor and some amazing instrumental tracks.

When Metaform learn to mix the these two elements more subtly, they’ll have a great dish as opposed to 12 tracks of gourmet salad covered in hot, crunk fudge.

Beats (9/10), Lyrics (5/10); Overall – (7/10)

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