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Here’s a quick list of contributors and co-conspirators who tweet regularly. We’d love to connect with you and trade pictures of rock stars holding cats… or, you know, whatever.

@nadamucho – A variety of contributors help us curate a steady mix of interesting tidbits on music in culture our main Twitter feed. Sometimes we give away tickets. Other times we make fun of things we don’t like. 

@ashmatty – High Potentate Matt Ashworth shares his thoughts about music, his kids, and his job. Occasionally he’ll tweet about every band playing the Capitol Hill Block Party or Sasquatch Music Festival.

@timbasaraba – More than just a man, TBASA is the walking, living embodiment of Seattle’s DIY music scene. Embrace him.

@camerondeuel – Prolific music writer Cameron Deuel “will work for pho.”

@sunnymartini – Sunny takes and posts pictures of live music performances, like, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

@righteoustrash – Colin Johnson is a DJ, musician and artist manager. He tweets about that kind of stuff.

@Aino_Vaino – Aino is our only contributor currently living in Finland.

@Lumpybaker – Co-founder Gabe Baker mostly tweets about beer and the 1231 songs on his iPod.

@OwenNicky – Nick Anderson. Rock fan. Member of Hounds of the Wild Hunt.

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