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Nada Goes to Austin: South by Seattle Lineup Announced

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Holy smokes are we excited about this kids. Somehow, the fine folks at talked their way on to the planning committee for this year’s South by Seattle showcase, and with March just around the corner, it’s time to start spreading the word.

For the uninitiated, South by Seattle is a yearly showcase at Austin’s South by Southwest festival designed to pimp out the best in emerging Northwest artists. The fine folks at Loveless and Sarathan records lead the charge, but a whole host of local music nuts donate their time to make it happen (see below for a full list.)

This year’s event features a bill representative of Seattle’s rich, diverse musical pool. From the delightful chamber pop of Hey Marseilles to the angular math-rock of Blood Brothers’ ex-pats Past Lives to our very own hip-hop sensations Common Market and Blue Scholars, this lineup is sure to wow those fancy-pants label reps from New York and L.A. and assure a steady stream of musical cash flowing in to the Rainy City well in to the next decade. Either that or a bunch of people will drink too much, eat a lot of barbeque and ask us if we know that guy from Pearl Jam.

Regardless, if you’re making the southbound sojourn next month, we strongly encourage you to add this event to your musical day runner. We’ve got free Northwest food and beer!

SXSeattle 2009

SXSeattle 2009 poster

Saturday, March 21
South by Seattle 2009
The Palm Door
401 Sabine St. – 4th & Sabine behind the Convention Center
All Ages, Bar with ID

Hey Marseilles – 12:00 Noon
Dynah – 12:45
Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band – 1:30
New Faces – 2:15
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – 3:00
Barcelona – 3:45
Past Lives (Former members of The Blood Brothers and Shoplifting) – 4:30
Blue Scholars and Common Market – 5:15

Learn more about this shindig at the Sarathan site.

In case you’re wondering, here are all of the fine folks who are working to pull this off.

  • Admiral Theatre
  • Antarctic
  • Audiosocket
  • Better Than the Van
  • Caffé Vita
  • Easy Street Records
  • Experience Music Project
  • Grammy PNW Chapter
  • KEXP
  • Loveless Records
  • Max 3
  • Reeperbahn Festival
  • Sarathan Records
  • Seattle’s Office of Film & Music
  • Seattle Sound Magazine
  • Seattle Theatre Group
  • Tractor Tavern
  • United Reprographics
  • The Vera Project
  • Via Tribunali

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