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Exclusive: New Graig Markel Song

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We’ve been fans of Seattle singer/songwriter/producer Graig Markel since he sent us his sublimely soulful 2002 release The Gospel Project. Since then he’s released several solo albums and been a creative partner in both Dead Ship Sailing and The Animals at Night, along the way collaborating with everyone from Eric Corson (Long Winters), Dave Einmo (Head Like a Kite) and Larry Knechtel of the legendary Wrecking Crew (Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Phil Spector, Jackson 5, and many more) and produced music by Nada Surf, the Spits, Stone Gossard, the Grizzled Mighty and many more.

Today we exclusively debut “Today Might be the Day,” the first song recorded for his new self-titled album Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band.

Markel says the track “pretty much set the tone for the record,” which was recorded on his 8-track tape deck with “No Pro Tools, no plug-ins and no screens.”

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