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Of Montreal Live @ Neumos: Practically A Circus

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Of Montreal Live @ Neumos
October 20, 2016
Words and Photos by Tori Dickson

This is the first time I can say with complete confidence that my photos do not do justice to the concert I was shooting. Of Montreal doesn’t just put on a rock show, they put on an entire production, practically a circus.

Frontman Kevin Barnes, and the multiple dancers who frequently adorn him, went through several outfit changes during the show. There were wigs. There was chiffon. There was glitter and spandex, strange masks, and elaborate costumes. The performance was lit predominantly by a projector flashing strange designs with both political and sexually suggestive images. It’s a spectacle that can only be fully understood in the flesh, front and center.

If you missed last month’s performance at Neumos, don’t worry, I caught a snippet of the visual smorgasbord in the form of these images. Enjoy.

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